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Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Cutting edge vertical AI solutions for a business radical transformation

IoT and Firmware Integration to Cloud

IOT Leverage Smart Objects, Sensors and Gateway (using framework like RDK-B) within high performance environments, up to firmware customization - to drive a new digital experience through deep integration of cloud applications (i.e. WebPA)

Digital Design

Digital Design

UX/UI design for web,mobile, and
advanced interactive products.

Mobile and Web App

To Craft state-of-the-art Mobile and Web Applications

Back End Architecture

Robust Architectures for high scalable systems



Cybersecurity strategies and solutions to protect your organization from cyber attacks/threats


Andromeda ESP is an ICT services and Consulting Company founded in 2009 by the convergence of a group of highly qualified ICT professionals each of them coming from previous twenty and more years of experience in ICT Advisory of leading International Consulting Companies (so-called Big Four) and from relevant multinational companies in this sector.

Andromeda’s mission is to support its customers in ICT programs and projects, in every phase, FROM DESIGN TO DEVELOPMENT, offering a comprehensive approach that balances the components of a deep ICT technical knowledge, innovation, performance, organization, management of risks and security.

Andromeda strength ICT technological skills with a matrix approach that combines a wide set of technical competencies with a specific functional knowledge of vertical market sectors, leveraging state of the art technology and innovation.

Andromeda realizes its mission thanks to a multidisciplinary team of ICT talented professionals with specific know-how, adopting state of the art methodologies and using of industry best practices in compliance with regulations.

Strong connection with best ICT Universities and Research Center allow Andromeda to attract top talents in ICT.

This multidisciplinary approach, organized as a network of skills, provides customers global knowledge and professionalism.


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